Worry and Money

My coach said the work now is having awareness when I am worrying about money and then from a higher place gently saying thank you for offering those thoughts, but no thank you I am choosing to believe XYZ now. Decide that I like my reasons for it and then let’s go.

This morning I am worrying about the amount on my credit line that my husband has used. I have been sitting here for two hours looking at the numbers, looking at what if’s. I feel worried and paralyzed. I gained awareness that I was thinking these thoughts and now from a higher place have thought “thank you brain for offering theses thoughts, however I am choosing to believe we have more than enough and of course he will pay it back and now I am going to enjoy Boxing Day with my family.”

When I get up to go do something my higher self would do, like be with my family or get ready for our party I feel such a strong pull to sit back down and look at these numbers. My brain is saying “NO you need to figure this out, it’s irresponsible not to worry about this.”

When I feel a strong urge to go back to an old behavior do I just again acknowledge it and keep moving forward?

Thank you so much!