Worry around food planning

Hi, this is my today’s model. Something I struggle with… even though I plan food, I doubt my protocol based on the signals of my body

## Unintentional
– C: dinner. food on protocol. hunger scale -2.
– T Given my hunger I should not have all of this → restricted
– T I know I will be tempted to do so just because it is written in the protocol → worry
– T I should allow the meal to go differently from what planned → weak
– F worried (considering them all)
– A spin in indecision during the progression of the meal
– R ate until the end, negative self-judgment for not having allowed things to go differently

with this underlying unintentional
– C: protocol, hunger scale
– T: There is a mismatch between planned food and my hunger scale. I did not plan my food from love (when I planned I was either scared of having too much or too little the next day)
– F: fear (of not doing the right thing)
– A: question the protocol, my ability to write one, make adjustments
– R: Create agitation and doubt, do not get the benefit of having a protocol

## Intentional
– C: dinner. food on protocol. hunger scale -2.
– T: Eating with agitation does not solve agitation. I’d rather eat later or smaller than agitated
– F: determined
– A: plan commitment for next time
– R: stop during meal

Any suggestions on my coaching work? thanks