Worry around questions not answered

Dear Brooke,
I sent two questions into “Ask Brooke” last week, and they have not been answered. I’m curious if you only answer a subset of submitted questions? I’m finding my thoughts “crazy” around this … I keep looking for my questions, noticing answers to some submitted yesterday and coming up with lots of reasons why mine were not answered. “I was not polite enough” “I came across as overly abrasive” “I should have checked my spelling” “My vulnerability was misplaced” “The question was not good enough” ” Just another confirmation I’m not part of the ‘in group'” “I insulated some one even though I didn’t mean to”…. it’s interesting to watch my thoughts, and many of them are recycled thoughts from my life. I soooooo want to be a part of the SCS group, and really feel it’s okay to ask any questions (as long as not attacking etc!!!!) and I’m worried at some level I’m not “good enough”. Probably so much to learn here.
Thanks for any insight you can offer.