Worry costs a ton of time!


As I work on my taxes and the FAFSA, I realize how much time worry takes. I worry about all sorts of things. It makes getting things done take so long! I really appreciate the time conversations this month because I see myself in so much of this. Between worry and beating myself up for any possible mistakes, I am still buffering. I’d like to get much better at this but it is so slippery when I try to do a model on it.

C: taxes
T: I’m going to get something wrong!
F: Fear
A:Just one little section at a time
R: taxes are not getting complete

I could substitute so many other things for taxes. Almost anything where I could do it wrong, including my hobbies (which are meant to be fun) get slowed down to a snail’s pace. What is the besting thing to do? Accept that I could do it wrong (scarier for taxes than for gardening or working on a new project at work but still the same concept) and keep going? I think there must something I am missing because this hasn’t gotten easier.

C: Taxes
T: If I make a mistake I can fix it later
F: still scared
A: not much faster
R: Still procrastinating

Any suggestions appreciated!