Worrying about my family not living the model

A recurring thought for me is worrying about my family – sometimes it is my siblings, who are all younger than me, and sometimes it is about my children or my husband. Now that I have been studying the model for the last year and Brooke’s teachings, it has changed the way I look at my life. I know life is 50 positive/50 negative – and it has drastically shifted my world. I don’t expect happiness all of the time. I am better at allowing my emotions and choosing my thoughts. Even when I am sad or depressed – it is from a healthy place now. However, why do I still feel responsibility for their life paths? None of them are open to using the model and I think if they did, then I wouldn’t feel the weight for them. I would know that even when they are going through challenges it is from a place of allowing the human experience. I feel like I’m failing them. Can you help me with what my current model would be for this and what an intentional one could be?