Worrying about other people seeing my new thoughts


So today my landlord showed up for a surprise visit that was not authorised. I was not expecting him at all. There was a miscommunication and I thought that my fiance had given him permission and forgot to tell me. So in the moment I let him in.

Something I have been doing is writing my new beliefs that I want, out on sticky notes and sticking them in my office.

For example “I will make one hundred thousand dollars” and “One hundred dollars is waiting for you, you just need to find it”.

He was filming to market the place, and I didn’t realise. I suddenly felt this extreme shame and guilt, when I realises that 1) he probably saw those sticky notes on the wall and 2) there is a possibility he caught those on the wall in his video.
The immediate thought I had was 1) he is going to think I’m money hungry and 2) it’s not safe for them to know how much I plan to make.

Ive been feeling anxious about it the whole day, and don’t know why! Some things I have been considering is “So what if he saw?” What am I making that mean?
I just feel like my privacy has totally been invaded, and feel like I’ll be judged for writing such things down.

Please could you help coach me on this