Worse over there

Hey hey!

So, I figured out how to feel great, amazing even, “over here.” And by “over here,” I mean while working at my job. But now, I think it’ll be worse “over there,” when I quit my job. I won’t figure out how to make money, I’ll be sad with no one to talk to, and I’ll feel shame about being all alone.

What I know intellectually, and from experience now, is that I can feel good in any situation. But as you can probably tell, the thoughts I have (I won’t figure out how to make money, there will be no one to talk to, I’ll be all alone) don’t seem like thoughts to me. They seem like circumstances I’ll need to “overcome” and circumstances I’ll need to feel better about when I’m over there.

Even though I want to leave my job, and I like my reasons, these thoughts pop up and make me question my own decision.

Would love to hear your thoughts about the next steps for working through this.

Thank you!