Worth Tied to Money

I realized I tie my worth to the number in my bank account. If my numbers going up “I’m doing a good job”, if the number goes down “I’m screwing up”. Even if the number goes down because I chose to spend it intentionally on things that I value.

I want to get to the place where money is neutral in my mind. It doesn’t matter how much I have, I still feel amazing and proud that I am doing an amazing job and providing so much value in the world.

C Money
T Money is Neutral
F Neutral? Relaxed? Disengaged?
A Thankful for what I have, what I’ve used money for, focus my attention on providing more value throughout my day because I WANT to…not to get more money. Don’t spend hours ruminating, worrying, figuring out my money. Don’t spend mornings budgeting looking at everything I’ve spent in the past.
R My attention is focused on providing value to things I love because I believe money is neutral.

Any tips for my Model? thanks!!!