Worthiness (SB)

I’ve heard Brooke and others say that we are inherently worthy. I love how this sounds.

But I don’t believe it. I want to believe it, but I don’t. And I really struggle in life trying to prove worth. For example, I measure worth by how much money I make, how much impact I make on other people, or how I look.

This is keeping me stuck in a life I don’t like. I want to quit my job and go all in on my coaching business but I’m terrified of not making “enough” money to feel worthwhile. Because truth be told, I’m not actually afraid of not making money – I have enough savings – I’m afraid of not “having enough money” or “making enough money” to feel valuable. The feeling I’m afraid to feel is “worthless”.

What the heck am I supposed to do about this? I KNOW you’re just going to tell me that all humans are inherently worthy just because we exist. And, like, I don’t think my mom is any less worthy because she doesn’t work, I don’t think a cat is any less worthy because they don’t contribute to society, I don’t think a spider isn’t worthy because it is an insect. I don’t even think a wild boar is worthless (even though I think it’s gross), I think it’s a beautiful integral part of this universe. It is meaningless and it is everything at the same time. It’s the manifestation of the perfection of the universe.

But I don’t think this way about myself.

How do I begin to change this belief?? I want to believe what I believe about the wild boar – that I’m a beautiful integral part of this perfect universe – I’m nothing and everything at the same time. And that there is NOTHING I have to do to be more worthy than I am right now. My current belief is that I need to make money, make an impact, be beautiful (and have a large social media following) in order to be worthy. Maybe I’m conflating this with respect? Like, I need the respect of others (which I think I can get through money, impact, and beauty) in order to be worthy.