Worthiness work

I have been here for 2 years now but I realized how much scarcity thinking I have still around worthiness and things I don’t have enough. So I make the list, here I report a few entries just an example.
– I am not sleeping good enough
– I am not organized enough
– I am not disciplined enough
– I am not quick enough at learning to achieve all these amazing dreams I have for me
– I am not good enough at not beating myself enough
– I am not good enough at forgiving myself
– I am not worthy enough
– I am not good enough at believing I am worthy enough
…the list goes on touching any aspect of my life.
Then I asked myself what areas I think I am/ have enough and these the (only) ones I could tell
– I have enough hair on my head
– I am creative enough
– I have good enough intentions
Considering the first list I started quantifying how much from 0=not enough at all to 1=I am /have enough of those things. Next I will move with curiosity in asking myself what enough would look like for each of the bullets.
Besides this, how would it look like the worthiness enoughness work you typically suggest? Any specific resource in SCS that I missed? Thanks a lot