Worthy fail or quitting?

Hi Brooke and coaches,
I am working actively towards my impossible goal.
I had listed one of the 25 fails for this quarter as – Give a tech talk (Result – Put myself out there through my speech and writing)
I recently came across an opportunity to talk in an external conference. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity and I went all in.
But as I spent time researching about the topics for my talk, I am struggling to come up with ideas that makes a whole 30 min talk. I spoke to my team mates, former speakers of the conference and researched on what topics would provide value for the audience. My ideas are small and isolated. I allocated time on my calendar to explore each of the ideas. I am finally concluding today that none of my ideas are talk worthy. I don’t want to present a tech talk with ideas that someone could just learn from reading a blog post.
So does this become one of my 25 fails? How do I know if I am quitting(failing ahead of time) vs worthy failing? My thoughts are so conflicting and I can’t make a decision to continue spending time on coming up with a speech outline (that is due next week) or stop here and call this a worthy fail and move on.

My thoughts:

This is a worthy fail, because I learned so much in the process.
Your brain wants you to quit. Not all talks are talk worthy over there (looking at the list from last year). You go ahead and submit the idea that you have. The selection commitee makes final decision anyways. You are just being too self critical.
I must not submit something that I don’t think provides value

Please let me know if I am not doing the “fails” correctly or any other advise you have.
Thanks so much.