Worthy Fails

For the impossible goal, I want to be the #1 sales rep at my company this year.

I want to ask ten different customers to try my product even if they say no, as my worthy fail. Do I write that ten times, or is that just one worthy fail?

Also, I want to complete Monday Hour One to plan my week, even if I don’t feel like it. Is that a worthy fail? I feel like if I plan my sales activities I will better be able to execute, but I’m not sure how this fits in with my overall goal, or how to position it as a worthy fail. Or maybe it’s “complete Monday Hour One” even if I feel like it isn’t helping? Or, even if I don’t get an increase in sales?

I feel like many of the worthy fails are things I’d have to do on the regular. They aren’t just one-time things.

I’m having a bit of difficulty discerning the difference between an action and a worthy fail.

A few more examples I have:

Ask ten customers to do an in-service even if they say no
Ask ten customers to do an educational lunch even if they say no
Send five text messages to customers a week even if they ignore me

Is this how to do it?