Worthy Fails in Weight Loss Goals

My impossible goal for 2022 is to lose 90 lbs. I am going through the process of creating my 25 worthy fails for the first quarter.

There are 13 Mondays in Q1 so I have 13 worthy fails of -1.7 lbs per week (that’s the amount I need to lose per week if my impossible goal were achieved in equal weight loss over 52 weeks). I have another worthy fail of reducing a pants size by the end of the quarter, bringing my total to 14.

Are there other results that can be used as fails to get me to 25 – like “attend a workout class” is an action from my understanding, but maybe “increase my barbell weight in class” is another result, even if it’s only indirectly related to my weight loss goal?

Or is it more helpful to just have 14 worthy fails but keep them narrowly tailored to my goal?