Worthy failures questions

My 2020 impossible goal is to get 500 women to sign up for my online course (In 2019 I got 15 people to complete my course). I have come up with a list of 15 worthy fails for Q1 that are oriented to growing and nurturing my list so I can launch/sell my course in April 2020. This list already feels like a lot as I have a part-time job, a 2 year old and you know cleaning, cooking, etc. – so I’m hesitating on adding more stuff because I don’t believe it’s possible with the time I have for these. Here’s my list – what would you suggest I do?

1. Publish 13 youtube videos (1 per week)
2. Publish 13 podcast episodes (1 per week)
3. Publish 13 articles in LinkedIn (1 per week)
4. Complete 13 live free calls for my community (1 per week)
5. Post 91 times in IG (daily)
6. Post 91 times in FB (daily)
7. Grow my list by 5000 people
8. Film all videos for my course and update workbooks and have it ready to go in Kajabi
9. Be a guest speaker in 3 different podcasts
10. Partner with 3 friend influencers and do a facebook live with each
11. Find a conference and pitch to speak at it
12. Invest $3k in facebook ads
13. Have 2k people subscribed to my youtube channel
14. Send 13 emails to my email list (1 per week)
15. Upgrade landing page and email sequence for people who subscribe to my community