Worthy of love and belonging

I have been doing a lot of thought work around the anxiety that I feel around my kids behavior and staying on vacation in nice hotels. My unintentional model is:

C: vacation, nice hotel
T: I do not belong here
F: Anxious
A: people please, hypercritical of self, and of family, inauthentic
R: I don’t show up as myself and honor myself and my own experience

Intentional model:
C: Vacation, nice hotel
T: I belong. I am worthy. I have always been worthy.
F: Confident
A: Show up as my authentic self
love others and accept others as they are always
R: Honor myself and others

To believe the thought “I belong, I am worthy, I have always been worthy” I’ve uncovered so much thought work. I think in order to believe that I am worthy of love and belonging, I have to believe that every last being on the earth is worthy of love and belonging. I have to believe that with conviction. Because being able to honor myself and be an example of what is possible requires it.

Any input on these models? Help for bridge thoughts to “every. last. being. on earth is, and always has been, worthy of love and belonging?”