Would Like To Check My Protocol

Thank you for your time in answering my question.

Some facts:
1. I started my protocol on June 19th.

2. I allowed two planed exceptions: one included a glass of wine and a cake. The second time included 2 glasses of wine and was yesterday.

3. My protocol was exactly this over the last 25 days:

Breakfast: 2 Decaf Coffee with Half & Half, Water.
Lunch at 12pm: 9 oz. of salad made out of Romaine Lettuce, Tofu, Almonds, Caesar Dressing, 1/2 Avocado, Crunchy Onions, Sweet Corn, Edamame.
Dinner at 4pm: 9 oz. of Kale Salad, 6 oz. of Salmon, Sweet Corn, Dressing.

4. I do 20 minutes of home mat exercises without weight, just abs workout, squats and lower body.

5. I was 161.2 pounds when I started on day one. Today I weigh 157 pounds (day 25). That is loss of 4.2 pounds.

On one hand I feel very good about the way I eat and the way I supplement a bit of strength movement in my morning. I know that it is sustainable for me and gives me good energy.

On the other hand, given how I ate before (flour, sugar, fried, lots of white rice and potatoes) I was under the impression that I will see a more significant loss during the first few weeks. People often talk about how much flour and sugar retain water in the body and that is flushed within the first two weeks of removing them.

I just want to know if I am doing something wrong with my protocol so that I could tweak it before accepting that this is the pace I should be losing my weight.