Would love some reassurance :-)

My goal for 2019 is weight loss, and I’m finally all in. I’ve understood the teachings intellectually since the beginning of the podcast, but I’ve only just in the last couple of weeks started to really “get” how it looks in my life. I know with certainty that I will acheive my impossible goal, even though it is super scary.

I am hoping, though, that a time will come where the thought work is not so all-consuming. I am thinking about my weight or eating or urges or my thoughts about all of these thoughts CONSTANTLY. To a point where it is pretty difficult to put my full attention into the other things in my life. Is this because it is a new habit I’m creating? I’m hoping you will tell me – from experience – that eventually this will not be so loud in my head. If not, then I need to figure out how to slow my roll a little. 🙂

Thank you for your insight!