Would you promote an employee who gets worked up (3 data points) ?

I am heading a couple of projects at work where there were a few circumstances when I got upset because the customer was frustrated with our software application. I work with the earth’s most customer centric company 😉 where we value customer obsession. I go above and beyond to make sure my customer is happy , but mistakes happened and ultimately customer was disappointed.

During the three incidents, I got worked up over our (mine and my team’s) mistakes. I shared my frustrations (mainly I was pissed with myself and judged myself harshly) with couple team members and instantly regretted that as well.
Now my thoughts are
– you made mistakes, they wouldn’t promote you
– you showed stress and shared your disappointment on yourself with your teammates. That’s bad. This will affect peer review for your promotion
– you are screwed

This keeps happening over and over. I freak out so badly if I discover a mistake or if customer complains , only because I’m leading the project (my thought is – I screwed up, I should’ve known better)

I’m so tired of this. I makes me wanna quit. I don’t want to lead. I just want to stay inside the cave and hide where no one would ask me anything.