Wouldn’t It Be Nice to “Test Drive” a New Employee to See if They Fit?

Dear Brooke-

My name is Dan Hayes. I’m a long-time listener and joined Self Coaching Scholars in September. I have to say, I’m loving it! I hope this is the best way to reach you with this…

You’ve talked quite a bit lately about work ethic, creativity, and drive as you build your team. As I was listening to Episode 191 and the experiences you’ve had with team hires, it struck me…as you and Chris grow your business team, wouldn’t it be nice to “test drive” potential employees to see if they meet your needs?

I’m interested in joining your team and would like to explore that with you or Chris…to serve in any capacity that helps you meet your goals.

Here are a few skills I offer you:

– I’m proficient in WordPress, plugins, add ons, etc.
– I’m adept at using Screenflow for video editing; YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia for hosting and analytics.
– I’m familiar with Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula (PLF) process, and have built and run a small four-video launch to a limited list with success.
– I’m familiar with Facebook advertising from Amy Porterfield’s course, but never had the need to “go deep” in that area. Like the PLF launch, it was to a very small target audience. That said, I really enjoyed the research involved and solving the puzzle of narrowing to a single target market.
– You’ve said in Scholars videos that you do most of your own copywriting, but I have experience with that, as well. I pick up on writing “tones” quickly and could take on copy that didn’t need your direct attention, or provide drafts for you to use as a starting point.
– I’m very comfortable with technology, and I pick up new technology quite quickly.
– I have a strong skill set with podcasting tools, digital audio processing, hosting, RSS feeds, etc.

And here are a few traits that I’m sure you’d be looking for in a team member:

– I get things done quickly and accurately. I’m a doer, an action guy.
– I strive to make my output exceed your input on the first try. But on the rare occasion when I fall short, I’m always open to a course correction to provide a quick turn around on the product. My number one goal is for you to be thrilled with the outcome.
– I am a very quick study. If there’s a new program or process to learn, I dig in, learn it, and try to simplify the learning curve for the next person.
– As a leader I have always followed the “eliminate, automate, delegate, do” model of task management. The result is I tend to get the “right things done right” effectively and efficiently.
– I’m a committed life-long learner.
– I’m easy and fun to work with, and am completely comfortable in a remote work position.
– I am almost completely drama free! I like good drama in my life…the kind where you’re “on the edge of your seat and can’t wait to see what’s next” kind of drama.
– My Kolbe profile is 7-3-8-3…I have to keep my “Fact Finder” and “Quick Start” in balance!

So here’s what I meant by “test drive” new employees:

– I offer to work free of charge…no strings attached for one month. Of course, if at any time you’re not satisfied or believe I’m not a terrific fit for your team, just say the word.
– I’m happy to take on tasks that are within my current skill set, as well as unfamiliar tasks that challenge me with a steep learning curve. I want you to have a good idea of my proficiencies and also be able to gauge my ability to pick up new skills.
– All I ask is for candid feedback along the way and consideration to become part of the team when the month is over.

You’ve mentioned Dean Jackson’s “cookie” analogy on a few different episodes. I spent a few days with Dean in Orlando learning from him too, and so I’ll close by paraphrasing him:

“So, I baked this opportunity just for the Life Coach School Team. It’s still warm…would you like a bite?”


I look forward to hearing from you! In the mean time, take care and keep producing such awesome content for Scholars and the world!

All the Best,
– Dan