Wow. Just Wow.

I hope everyone out there in SCS land is as mind blown as i am with this months work. Dont really have a question here but want to thank Brooke for all of this. Ive been in counseling for nine years and the two months ive been in scholars has done more for me than the nine years! Ive been doing the work for my 2019 IG and my thought downloads brought something into the light. My IG is to net 100K and thats what ive been focusing on. Since doing the work ive been falling off protocol. Given into the urge and have been buffering with food and didnt understand at all what triggered it. Whats fascinating though is the 3 weeks prior while i was just killin it on my food protocol, amazon boxes were being delivered everyday to my doorstep. Spending like a mad woman! Its not new news to me that for some people when we stop buffering with one thing we can begin buffering with another, i get that. But my thought downloads revealed why i thought i was killing it with my food game…i still wasnt allowing myself to “feel” the discomfort because ive been getting my dopamine hits with the goodies being left on my front porch. My protocol And making 100k are one in the same. I cant fail at one without failing at the other. I cant suceed at one without suceeding at the other. They are perfectly sewn together and i want off this merry go round. So my IG for 2019 is to make 100k and lose 75 pounds. For some this may be two goals for me they are one in the same. So grateful for this work and wish everyone the best of luck this 1st quarter! Bring on the fails!