Wow! Just Wow!

Hi Brooke~
I just finished listening to your Podcasts #177 – Giving Up or Burning Out and #178 – Being Coached and all I have to say is just Wow! I am going to start my 5th month with SCS in September and I have never been caught off guard before this month. This month is huge for me, not just for purpose work, but deep down work.

Your Podcast about Giving Up is all about me, I swear you were talking to me. This is me totally. Stopping, starting, giving up because it’s too hard, wanting change and then not working hard enough, committed enough and never getting to the after. Also, making excuses, paying thousands of dollars in the past 3 years on programs that either I haven’t finished or I got nothing out of. I was so pissed after listening to you tell me what I’m all about, that I totally give up, and you were absolutely right. I thank you for that!

I am a Life Coach specializing in Parent Recovery. I have written a book on being an Addict’s Mom, I have begun my journey as a Life Coach and I have had only 2 clients since May. I wonder why, well this is why! Pure magic to my ears.

The Podcast about Being Coached! This is another huge one on my scale of fuck ups. Hiring the wrong coach and then not knowing how to let her go. When you were talking about coaching, which I love being coached and I love being a client, I do my homework, I am a great listener, but she just wasn’t right for me. When I joined SCS, now this is right for me. I can work on myself and I can help my clients with their thought work. What I discovered was that I wasn’t ready to shine not to me or my clients. I wasn’t ready to put myself out there. After listening and doing the model, what I really discovered was that from early childhood through my life now, is that I was taught to NEVER outshine anyone else, never look better, never be smarter, prettier, funnier, louder. OMG, I have led a shrunken life! I am an introvert with extrovert tendancies and I never have let myself go because I might be someone that draws attention to herself. I was always taught that this is wrong and I would be perceived as self centered, selfish and just a plain ole turn off. So, all my interactions, up until today, has been to make others out shine me, to make others more important than me, to make others feel that they are special and important, more than me. I know that we want to treat people with love and respect, but I have to treat myself with the same love and respect.

An epiphany for sure and I thank you for that! I went out shopping and Starbucks with my husband after listening to your Podcast and doing my homework and I want to tell you that I felt differently, I felt empowered and special and lovely.

Thank you soooooooo much! This was huge!