Wow…I did a model on the run

So I had a little win yesterday. I belong to an amateur singing group and our leader is away. She’s organised another woman to run our practices for a couple of weeks. And in the past, I’ve found her annoying…she’s bossy, demanding and sometimes just rude. She’s a professional singer and we’re just amateurs (who don’t pretend to be anything else) and sometimes her comments can just be plain patronising.

Anyway, I’d be listening to the May recording in the car and as I walked into rehearsal, I decided to challenge my thoughts “Isn’t she funny? Can you believe the stuff she says to us sometimes? Poor C. I wonder why she feels the need to belittle us a bit? I don’t need to feel patronised by her. We’re just having fun. She’s such a great singer and teacher, I’m going to enjoy the next couple of rehearsals”.

You know what it worked. I realise that over the last few months I’ve starting to do this with some of the ‘slightly’ annoying people in my life. Still lots of work to do on the really annoying ones, but its a start!!

Thanks again for everything you do, Brooke

PS. If you’re looking for a dare, I do recommend a singing group (okay its a choir but that sounds too formal). So fun! And so good for well being. Pick a relaxed one…there are lots of great community choirs around these days. Mine doesn’t involve auditions or forced solos!