Wrapping my head around Impossible Goal project

The only goal that really IS impossible that I actually care about is to become enlightened. I’m not going to pick that goal because it’s too abstract. And kind of ridiculous.

The other IG that I’m considering is to realize every single creative project and idea that have been burdening my brain for years. I have a long list that will become my 25 fails each quarter. My issue isn’t that I don’t think I CAN do this. I have always know I CAN do it but then I don’t do it, and end up feeling frustrated with myself as I vacillate between wanting to do the things and not wanting to do the things.

My question is, Do I have to feel like my impossible goal really is impossible? Because I don’t feel that anything is impossible. I just doubt my ability to keep wanting it all the way through. It seems that rather than challenging my sense of what I can achieve, maintaining my desire will be my work. Does that make sense and is that ok or am I missing something and I need to pick something that I actually think is truly impossible for me?