Write a book

Hi Brooke,

I was on the call today when you coached the realtor from Florida on her goals. It resonated with me when you said that she needed to up level her goal of selling $100k next year to making that amount in a much shorter time period.

So, to that end as it applies to me, I’d like to set a goal for myself to write a book in 2018 and wanted some advice! I’m not sure yet if I want to self-publish vs. traditional publish, but if I were to self-publish like you did, how much time would you suggest I leave for the entire process – that is, writing the book and then actually self-publishing it? I’ll back into that with the steps following your massive action process.

As a second question, do you have any resources you could provide that you used or would consider using in the future based on what you have already done (e.g. a writing platform, book cover designer, company that specializes in the entire process, etc. (besides The Author Incubator, since I’m already familiar with that firm).

THANK YOU! Can’t wait to send you a copy of my book when it’s done in 2018 😉