write it down and move on…

Every Friday my husband and I have a lunch date. Everywhere we go I order a salad, no big deal.
This week our girls were home so they went as well. Which meant we ended up going to our favorite pizza place we don’t go to very often. It was a last minute change. It is my favorite pizza. I already had my joy eat for the week. I didn’t want to miss out. I ordered pizza instead of just a salad. I kept checking in with myself while I was eating it. I really did enjoy it. When I my stomach started telling me I was full I continued to eat and checked in with my self on why. My response was… it still taste delicious, I am not done enjoying this.
While I am amazed that my body doesn’t feel as awful as it often times use too. (I’m guessing it is because I don’t do this very much anymore so my body can recover faster as opposed to stacking more and more meals like this on top of each other. Never giving myself enough time in between to process a meal.) I want to better handle these situations and the fear of missing out or the idea that there aren’t enough joy eats to actually have all the joy food I want. All this to say I’m uncertain how to answer the two questions….
What else I could have done? How will you handle this next time?
And have the following question…
What is the best way to handle unexpected events like this?