Writing It Down

Newbie here. I’m so thrilled to have discovered your podcast a couple weeks ago…I’m anxiously awaiting my “start” with SCS in September and of course I’m digging into my bonus box and assets. Already noticing ALOT about my thoughts for sure. My sticking point is my reluctance to put into writing my thought downloads or models. I’ve confronted this any time in the past when I’ve started journaling and then I have concern that either my husband or kids will read it or that I’ll die and people will read it when I’m gone, so I either stop doing it or I notice that I write trivial things instead of deeper thoughts. What if these writings have something in it that makes them feel horrible or doubt my love for them (esp kids, of course)? What do you do with all those napkins of yours?!
T-Someone will find my writing and misinterpret or judge something I’ve expressed
F-Nervous, distrustful
A-not writing
R-maybe not going to reap the full benefits of this process?