Writing on a particular piece of paper or notebook, etc

I just submitted a question (less than an hour ago) about the difficulty and overwhelm I feel when I go to write down thoughts. As weird as this may sound, I even have problems with deciding what paper to write my thoughts out on, or should I use a certain notebook, or what should I write with, as if there is a right sheet/type of paper or a right pencil or pen to write with. The result is that I end up not writing at all.

If it’s a blank piece of copy paper, I worry about structure. If the paper is lined, I worry about confinement. If I write with a pen, I can’t erase and I don’t want to scratch out. If I write with a pencil, it will smudge. Etc, etc, etc.

It all results in no action. Can you help me figure out why I have these feelings or “blocks” to writing or a solution to getting past this?