Written Coaching

I’m working on getting better at written coaching but find it extremely difficult and discouraging.
I have so much evidence of being a great coach but when it comes to writing the coaching down in words, I get in my head or my mind completely shuts down and doesn’t access words. It’s like knowing a topic really well, but being unable to talk about it.
I know that written coaching will help my live coaching and teaching as well, but I’m not sure if the energy in trying to work on it is well spent when I could just not offer written coaching and focus on my strengths and growing my business.

Here is one of the models that showed up when writing the questions as well as the updates:
C: Respond to Ask A Coach
T: If I were a better coach, I would not know how to articulate concepts better
F: Inadequate
A: Ruminate on how live coaching is easier, question my abilities as a coach, don’t see the $1k question, don’t respond with quality answers, try and resist feeling inadequate
R: I’m not the coach that can read, understand, and articulate what the Scholar needs