‘Wrong’ decision

Dear coaches

I’m having T’s and F’s about my track decision after certification. I was convinced I wanted to have a coaching business so I submitted my track decision for the Entre track without watching the webinar! Once I watched the webinar, I realised I wanted to do the Applied track but the deadline had passed.

My thoughts are:
I made the wrong choice
I need much more coaching help and practice which I would get through the applied track
I am not good enough to coach in my business yet
The AT would teach me a lot more about coaching which is what I want

Sample model:

C: Entrepreneur track enrolment
T: I made the wrong decision
F Anxiety
A: try and ‘fix’ it through self-coaching, think of ways it would have been better if I picked AT, hate on self for not watching the webinar first and giving this some proper thought, flutter around worrying about it rather than getting on with regular tasks, frantically look for evidence the ET track is the better choice so I can feel better
R prove to self there is a ‘right or wrong’ decision.

I know that we get to decide that we made the right decision, but I can’t help but think that it’s a fact that the Applied Track would help me become a better coach, and that is not the track I have chosen.

Please can you help me?