Wrong page (Nadège)

Hi Brooke!
Me again! Thank you so much for your previous answer. However, yesterday evening, as soon as I hit the “submit” key, I realised I could have posted my question on the Business pages. So sorry about that! I’ve just done a thought download about that because it didn’t end with just a thought.
C – wrong page
T – I’m so dumb!
F – dumb, full of self-reproach
A – I keep thinking of my mistakes from yesterday, I don’t sleep well
R – I’m disconnected from my authentic growing self
I’ve come up with a more helpful model:
T – I’ve made a mistake because I needed to learn something
F – curious, loving
A – I apologize to Brooke, I ask questions
R – I progress
So here are my questions:
1. Is it correct that before switching thoughts, we should feel the feelings, whatever the sentence causing them? I have the tendency to see immediately how unhelpful a sentence like “I’m so dumb” is, so I’m used to discarding it as soon as possible. But I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just sit with it, however common and familiar this feeling of self-reproach is for me, just to get used to it in a deep way.
2. I’ve recently discovered I tend to buffer with overthinking. Is there anything like “overfeeling”?
3. And finally, I guess I was thinking “I’m so dumb” already thinking about you realising my mistake. I was anticipating you thinking “Nadège is so dumb”. I tend to be in other people’s mind or business a lot and in my mind’s eye, they’re judging me in a negative way. So I’ve come up with the thought “I’m taking care of my own business and that’s enough.” Any other helfpful thoughts?
Well, I guess I really needed to make that mistake!
Thank you so much and have a wonderful day!