Year 4 – Just Sayin’

I joined scholars in March of the first year. During that first year, I learned a ton. In November of that year, I committed to publishing my first book. It went live in February 2018. My second full-length romance novel went live in August of 2018. I also attended Coach Certification training in August 2018. And in 2019, I completed the entre program launching my business and coaching. This afternoon I just typed The End on my third novel and officially completed an entire series. The book will be live in April 2020. I also completed 52 full-length weekly blogs in 2019 and tonight, after writing 8000 words and finishing my book, I’m back here, on the site, ready to dive into lesson 1. Oh, and I still have my full-time day job, managing a team of IT developers.

Why am I posting this? Because I’ve posted after each novel, because I would never never never have done any of this without scholars and because I’m really proud of myself.

I couldn’t have even written that last sentence when I started scholars, and I think that’s the greatest gift of all.

Thank you all for all you do. What you do? It matters.