Yelling at my kids

Hi Brooke,
I want to show and be a better a parent and need some help with my model. I want to stop yelling. Please help me with my intentional model thought… that is where I feel a stuck in coming up with something that works and that I can use in the moment.

C: My kids miss the bus
T: My kids never listen to me and are never ready on time.
F: Anger.
A: react to emotion, rumindate, yell at my kids, say the same thing X2
R: yell at kids and they yell back at me and tell me I don’t listen to them

intentional model:
C: Kids miss bus
T: ???
F: Calm, in-control
A: Discuss with children consequences, listen, take to school, enforce consequence
R: Not yell at kids. Handle the situation at hand and explain calmly.