Yesterday’s buffet

Hi Brooke!
Thank you so much for your answer yesterday and for asking me how it went (and for liking my full name!).
The buffet went great. Amazing. During the speech beforehand, I noticed I was completely focused on what was being said and was not hungry at all, even though it was later than my usual dinner time. Then everyone went to the dining hall and got some appetizers and… I just wasn’t interested in any of it. I’ve never been interested in alcohol and for once, I felt exactly the same about all the miniature sandwiches. I couldn’t have cared less.
Then I had what I usually have (it’s always the same meal, 3 times a year) i.e. a chicken leg and salad. There was also some melon and I noticed that I wanted more. And more. And more. Because in my mind, the thought was that it was a good sweet option instead of… (drum rolls) the cakes. But when the cakes came (the usual ones), I realized that I was not agitated any more. Quite the opposite: I slowed down as I came to the conclusion that I was having a good time thanks to the people around me and my mindset. I didn’t care about the food as much as the conversation.
It has been the second amazing buffet experience in a few days so thank you thank you thank you! What’s more, the scale is moving again so I must have found the right protocol for me now (I switched the piece of fruit at dinner time for 1/2 cup of nuts).
Have a great day!