YF – Need with re-focus

Hi Brooke,

I love to be in SCS, there is so much information about so many things and at the begging I decided I was to focus only on the not overeating work and loose weight, that is my main big “imposible” goal is to loose 100 lbs in 2018, but I also I love to listen to the podcast, since thats how I found you and the SCS, but I also want to work on the money , work on my life around me, to be more minimalist and get rid of what i don’t love at home, work on the feelings awareness this months..in conclusion like I really want my life to give a HUGE turn for better! but I realize that Im drifting my focus from my main goal, and not following my protocol as good as the begging. I dont know why if my protocol was working and lost 10 lbs , nowwdays i keep sabotaging myself. Any suggestion on how to refocus?