Yoga teacher is white.

C: Yoga class
T: This is so sad that all the yoga teachers that I have had have been white.
T1: This is the result of colonialism.
T2: All the white people are getting healthier and have better access to resources while poor people die in my native country.
T3: I never learned yoga growing up.
T4: I had to spend endless hours perfecting my English language, handwriting, study because that’s what is valued.
T5: Westerners took the wisdom from my country and funny my country is recognising all of it so late.
T6: They don’t even stop and think about where all these things came from.
T7: She says Namaste, and here we all grew up hating to say Namaste ( because being like west was cool.)

I am having these thoughts, and they are not serving me. I am judging people constantly and getting enraged within. They have done nothing wrong but I am not sure I have anger penting up thinking about the historical ripple affect on my family, my people, and how different life is for people in the west.

It also fuels the belief I have had that I should have been born in the west and then I wouldn’t have to try to hard.
I’d have got things easier.
I’d not have these survival patterns in my brains that I see in my clients and myself all the time.

My brain intellectually understands that not everyone in the west has got it easy. But it shuts down the argument because I feel it wants to be angry at how things have been, and things continue to be.

Coaching, please.