You are A.MA.ZING!!!

You are A.MA.ZING!!! Thank you for all your work. The content of the call this week hit home with me. I felt you were talking right to me. I feel all over the place and struggling with all the thoughts and feelings I never paid attention too. I have much more work to do but to hear you say that we are in the exact right place really helped tremendously. It made me realize that I’m still in this. I have not always completed the workbook timely but learning from you from this page, the podcasts, the classes, I feel much more connected to myself. Sometimes, I’m frustrated by that because even if I delay the writing work, I can’t ignore it in my head for very long. I’m in the middle between knowing it and feeling uncomfortable taking the action. What did you call it before? River of misery? I definitely appreciate all you do and what you provide to this class. The bonuses you provide are like the best ever surprise gifts. I love it all! I’m looking forward to more work!