You can only create money by working hard.

Hi Brooke, I’m starting to believe that I get money for the value I offer to my customers and I’m trying to think in other ways I can offer more value than they are expecting and I thank you for that.
I also believe that I have to work very hard to earn that money, I take pride on being a hard working woman and if money comes easily to me then I think that I’m doing it wrong, I feel like I don’t deserve it and I feel ashamed of it. I feel like I have to sacrifice myself otherwise I don’t deserve it. I find myself playing the martyr and victim at the same time and it’s stopping for being open to receive. Can you help me to put this belief to rest?
It spoke to me when you mention that some people hate their way to thinnest, I’m hating myself in my way to wealth.
Thank you for the work you do.