How young is too young for this work?

Hi Brooke,
I have just started SCS this month (and have been doing some work with the model based on Katrina Ubell’s podcasts and your podcasts for several months) and already I’m blowing my own mind with the goals I know to can aspire to and the relationship that I’m forming with myself. I have 3 young daughters and I feel like it’s a disservice to them not to expose them to this way of thinking! I am definitely working on leading by example, but I’m wondering if you have an age where you think it’s appropriate to really have kids work on the model, writing down current/unintentional CTFAR and then doing a new model with the intentional thought. So far I’ve generally said things to my girls about having the power to choose how they think and therefore feel about a situation but I’m wondering when to incorporate the pencil to paper thoughtwork with them. Thanks!