Your Friday Coach Like Response

Yes – I am doing the work and freaking out and managing (aka want to) my mind. This work is tremendous and yes I am quiet, but the work is going on and making a huge difference. Now I can catch my rants sooner – well not so much today. But I did laugh! KEY!!

I want to be a coach and will be, I just got connected with a bigger dream – solving big world problems. I found an organization last year who helps people in poverty get out of poverty and I applied to be their executive assistant. I was over qualified with an MBA …. xx of years experience…and a dream to solve world whatever. Did you know, you need to narrow that down – oh yes – you tell us that all the time. Now after many months of volunteering I get, GET to be involved at the top level and it is rocking my world. When you say, do you have drinking water … that is what we are doing! Millions of people do NOT have clean drinking water and this work is bringing clean water to 50 villages at a time!

Meanwhile. I am freaking out that I get to do this work! This month’s self-confidence topics are hitting to home, dares each day to be bigger, better! I’m thinking about what I am thinking about all the time. I just want to help one person at a time, starting with me! Your dare to DO THE WORK, worked! I am forever grateful I found you and your dreams! I don’t have a specific question today, just wanted to share!