Your Purpose is my Purpose

Hi Brooke,
I know I have to make decisions quickly and concisely because if I don’t, I choose to let myself get lost in confusion and indecisiveness for days. Weeks. Months. So when I had to choose a purpose and in the workbook you stated that we could use yours if we want – but just decide! – I just decided that being an example of what is possible is my purpose. I wanted to have thoughts about this that went something like this: I’m unoriginal. I can’t even come up with my own purpose. I am bad at this.

But I denied the urge to think those thoughts. Instead I opened myself to the perfection of choosing a purpose that I have always thought was so perfect. Especially with last month’s work, I can see how I have been living and making choices from my past. “I can’t do this because of what I have always been and done.” That sort of thing. So being an example of what is possible frees me to move forward from my future. From what is possible. And anything is possible. These possibilities exist no matter what took place in my past or anyone’s past. It is brilliant and perfect for me. Your purpose is brilliant and I am brilliant for loving it and finding it perfect for me.

Thank you!