Yours is truly the only time management ‘tool’ that works!

Regarding this article from the BBC:

I’ve been reading this article and laughing because it’s so apropos to this month’s SCS focus. There are universities teaching students about managing their time! How many are teaching about managing their thoughts? All of these apps and programs probably show people how to cram more activities and tasks into their days without ever asking what you ask upfront – what’s the intended result? The inclusion of the questions and answers to: what am I feeling now, what do I need to feel, what are my obstacles and what are my strategies to overcome them is the key to why your system works and why the others don’t. I did note the comments, “But whatever you start doing, it works for a while, and then it stops working.” Umm, probably because she stops doing it. And, “you are not really motivated by willpower as much as by your emotion.” Yes, which is why Brooke has us deal with the emotions upfront! I got a late start to this month’s work and I’m still more productive on day 7 than I’ve been in a long time. Thank you!