YouTube Addiction

I am a writer and for the past six months I neglected my current writing project even though I carefully scheduled it, using the Monday Hour One.
Each morning when the time to write shows up, I hover to YouTube “just to see” what’s new and I end up spending the entire day, some 6-7 hours, watching video after video.

At the moment I am thinking I am doing something useful because the majority of the videos I watch have to do with healthy eating, intermittent fasting and are mostly doctors’ channels, but others could just be of cats or dogs or fashion trends.

The reason I am using the word Addiction is simply because I looked the term up and the symptoms referring to Internet addiction, which I experience are:
Feelings of guilt, dishonesty (to myself and my editor), Anxiety, Inability to prioritize or keep schedules, no sense of time, avoidance of work and procrastination.

I am glad I am not on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, as I know these platforms will be an additional distraction for me.

So, the Model I am living in at the moment is this:

C = Calendar reminder to write
T = Let’s first see what’s new on YouTube, we can always write later
F = Excited, Anticipating
A = Abandoning my writing, heading over to YouTube and spend there the entire day
R = I learn new things on YouTube but get zero writing done

The Model I want to live in is one where I feel complete freedom from the compulsion to go on YouTube as well as committed to my work, so here are two Models:

C = Calendar reminder to write
T = I truly have no desire to go on YouTube
F = Freedom from compulsion
A = Focus on writing
R = Getting my writing done

C = Calendar reminder to write
T = Getting my writing done is more important to me than watching other people’s content
F = Committed
A = Write
R = Getting my writing done

I wonder if you can take a look at these Models.
I definitely don’t believe the first Model where the Thought I plugged in is “I truly have no desire to go on YouTube” because at the moment I definitely have a desire to watch.

How would you suggest I will handle this?