Zoom Access

I don’t have access to zoom in my country . I could connect via vpn and it was working fine . That’s when I enrolled in coach training . Now vpn is not working and I can’t access at home . It works well at my workplace which is 30 mins drive . I’ve gone full mad over my connectivity and I’m losing my mind as I had paid for vpn service as well. That’s all I keep doing in my free time keep searching for vpn connectivity . I want to be a coach so badly.

C zoom access
T I can’t access at home and I can’t do my coach training
F doomed
A keep dwelling in confusion , keep searching for access , worry that I m losing money invested
R not show up for coach training

C zoom access
T I ve it at work , it will be extra travel to work and it’s ok
F confident
A I can access from work place as my venue , I can save space for coaching from there .I will give all my time and attention to coaching as it won’t be during work hours, figure out ways to access from home
R show up my best for coach training