I have naysayers on my social media posts for biz – and I don’t give it a 2nd notice, maybe think something like wow, so much negativity, or intuitively understand their use of it as outlet for their anger – and that’s it

Someone in my life I love says dumb shit to me – and for now I do want to think its dumb shit
But I obviously have a trigger – and it bothers my mind all day

I guess I make that mean I don’t have more control of my mind?

Basically – they imply that I don’t do enough –
I’m beginning to think it triggers me because it reminds me of me beating myself up or always being on myself for not doing enough…..

I’m working at it – any ideas for acknowledging how much I’m doing and applauding and really loving myself for it?

I have done 200 podcast episodes so far this year, taught 31 hours of masterclasses since aug, pivoted constantly in my business, working on a big project, worked on deep personal transformation, worked on my health, my mind, my friendships, letting go of old stories and the past, grown a fb group and nurturing it, implemented my email list and writing weekly emails, I train and workout twice a day, I rarely watch tv, I’m reading more all the time, I have quit all addictive substances even chocolate and dealt with the after effects, I have grown more love for myself, I have healed the wounded feminine, and I keep working at it, I severed ties w/ unhealthy family and people, and healed the ouch, the list is longer but still —

I think he triggers me because what he says is the way I grew up, it’s what the other people have said and say to do, it was hard for me to take a lot of action as I was healing and I don’t think I really gave myself credit for what I did do and look at that very balanced and lovingly….

Sorry so long – helps to talk it out…
thanks – if you can see some thing I can’t here?