Lack of urge in the AM versus PM?

Hi Brooke,
When you talk about our ability to not even think about drinking in the morning I am right there with you. I never had. But as the hours click by and it gets to my dinner hour and I want a glass of wine I assumed it had more to do with creeping anxiety, wanting to wind down, escape, but most importantly some kind of a chemical deprivation thing. So I don’t want it in the AM because I had it 12 hours ago but with each increasing hour is there some kind of withdrawal the body goes through so each hour gets harder?
As I write this I also see the pattern of my bullshit belief. Because if I ride out the anxiety hours of 8-10pm the urge goes away again. I just wonder if it is the body chemistry/withdrawal is also involved in this timing issue? Not just our beliefs?
Thanks for all you do…