I like the feelings alcohol gives please help,

is it really possible to replace that feeling with something else like excercise?

I want to stop drinking for good I do not think it adds anything to my life when I ask the questions . It holds me back from my weight loss goals and saving money, working more and harder. I am trying to figure out why I am still drinking. The only reasons i can come up with is I like the feeling at the moment more than I hate the hang over. I drink mostly in social situations all my friends spend a lot of time going out to drink. I feel like I need to surround myself with new friends but this is very difficult. It is almost like the drinking is what helps make new friends easy. Any thoughts or suggestions?

My drinking plan, quick question can I say i will allow myself 1 drink, but I am really trying to have none. But giving myself 1 if I put myself in a social situation that may arise over the weekend I will have 1.?