my struggles

Hi Brooke,

I have been passively participating in your program since August. I listened to the calls, read the Q and A and watch all the videos and still find it hard to commit to doing the real work. My drinking is definitely not serving my greater good although I realize it is still “serving” me at some level. I truly believe your theory that over-drinking is about the brain’s reaction to over-desiring alcohol. I just want to stop it without discomfort!!!

I am planning to start a nutrition plan that does not include alcohol but I have been drinking regularly for a long time. What do you suggest? I want to abstain completely for at least 30 days to really try to lose weight and feel better about myself… should I complete daily drink plans so I don’t resist and use that time as opportunities to sit with the urges. I know there is such a strong correlation between my weight struggles and my drinking. I have masterfully created a cycle of feeling negative emotion (feeling “alone” in this world as well as general loneliness (even when I was in a relationship) and boredom) and giving in both to alcohol and food…. I completely understand how the liver cannot burn fat if it’s metabolizing alcohol. I need an accountability person, as I live alone so it is easy for me to say “frig it”and no one knows… I’m Canadian so I am being polite haha. My weight (from over drinking and eating) has prevented me from finding a relationship/partner because I don’t feel I’m in a place to attract the right person into my life.

I have overcome a lot in my life being a single parent and for the most part, I have been successful in many aspects of my life but for some reason, I can’t seem to get this area of my life on track. I believe that if I figured this out, my weight struggles would disappear and I could soar 🙂 🙂

Thank you Brooke.