My question is about sitting with urges

Hi Brooke, I’ve been working your program for 3 days now and so far so good in terms of sticking with my drinking plans. I’m doing this gradually (thanks for your last bit of advice on that front) and limiting every other day. My question is about sitting with urges. Last night was a limiting night. For about half the day and all through the night, while I was sipping slowly, I kept thinking so much about how much I will want more alcohol when I reach my limit. So I totally slowed down my drinking and ended when I normally end. This didn’t feel like sitting with the urge b/c I definitely didn’t feel peace around it! It fell more like trying to desperately find a way to keep drinking but drinking less. So I followed the plan (the number) but it was a struggle. I know it was only day 3 but I guess I don’t know how one would feel at peace with the urge (or the thoughts around not doing what I normally would do). Any advice?