Smooth sailing … too smooth

Hi Brooke, I have not had a drink for more than two weeks. Despite being in some situations where previously I would have found alcohol absolutely mandatory, I simply did not have an urge or a desire. The biggest thing I had to get around was other people’s expectations that I would drink. The amazing thing is NO ONE cared. I am beyond happy about not having drinking occupy so much space in my brain, I am more easy going and less stressed. And I went to a dinner party and actually discovered I am MORE fun when I don’t drink.
I am wondering if there are pitfalls ahead for me or things I should look out for because I am sure I am not out of the woods yet. Can you tell us again how long you stopped drinking for before you felt like you had ‘done it.’
One other question: I feel like I have new sugar cravings that I haven’t had before, not being a real sugar person. Is that something to look out for?
Warmest thanks,