Starting over.

Hi Brooke – I am still really struggling. After breaking my drink plan many times, I too became sick of the chatter and decided drinking isn’t something I can control, and I decided to quit altogether. So for 33 days, I didn’t drink. I hardly wanted to. It was a great feeling. Then I think I decided that I wanted to have a drink one night, and I did, and the cycle started all over again. So I am starting back at the beginning, re-watched the quick start videos, printed out the worksheets, and have listened to some of the calls again.

The biggest problem for me is that I don’t follow the rules. I was tracking my urges, and I was writing down when I planned to drink, but not the other questions (how will I feel, etc.). I never did the drinking thoughts, though I wrote out a LONG list of reasons not to drink. And I never filled out a “move on” sheet.

Last night I drank wine unplanned (oh my god it was so good) and of course I feel deflated. I am filling in a move on sheet now, and I have printed out the drink plan sheets, thoughts sheets, and urges tracking sheets. I am going to really give it my all this time instead of 50%.

Ultimately, I would like to be a non-drinker that can have a drink on rare occasions with no issue (e.g., work happy hour, dinner party, etc.).

Last thought – have you considered creating a member forum where we can interact with each other and support each other more? I would get a lot of value out of that and it might keep people in the program longer.